African Visionary

Her Intuition

Name: Sebabatso Manoeli

Age: 26

 Who is Sebabatso (Sabi)?sabi1

I am a lover, a poet, an intellectual, a dreamer, a fighter and a leader. I was born in Lesotho, bred in small Afrikaans towns across South Africa, and have spent most of my adult life in the US and the UK, and as a result I strongly identify with a cosmopolitan identity that is rooted in a deep love for and fascination with the African continent. I moved abroad to study. My first degree was in Political Science and Black Studies at Amherst College, MA. In between, I studied in Egypt for six months where I took classes in art, Egyptology, politics and Arabic. I then moved to Johannesburg to work at two inspiring organisations successively – the African Leadership Academy and TheBrenthurst Foundation. During that year, Joburg became one of my favourite places on the planet. Afterwards, I moved…

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