I earned the Gold level of the Night Owl badge.

So into my audiobook, I couldn’t stop listening last night. I’ll sleep when I’m dead. https://www.audible.com/t1/CREB?source_code=AFAORWS04241590G8




Inspired by the seditious nature of Chuck Palahniuk’s ‘Fight Club’, ‘Join The Club’ sees the British producer enjoy the creative freedom that comes from focusing solely on one’s own system of values.

The EP features classic-sounding Hip Hop production and ethereal vocal samples from the film, which pay homage to the surreal nature of the story that influenced its creation. ‘Join The Club’ also features recent single ‘Arson Meets Monday’, with scratching from DJ Rogue, a stalwart of the Bristol beat scene.

‘Join The Club’ is firmly rooted in Instrumental Hip Hop, with Boom Bap production and chopped-up samples taking centre stage. As with ‘Fight Club’ itself, the EP evokes a state of insomnia as surreal vocal cuts fade in and out of hypnotic rhythmic patterns.


Spoken Word: On Being Transgendered by – Lee Mokobe

I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for South African poets. They have a way of painting some of the most lurid pictures I have ever seen with only words. Never in my life have I heard of one of as young as Lee Mokobe. He is unparalleled in his skill level and I can definitely learn a thing or two from him. I hope I am fortunate enough to meet him at Brave New Voices next month.

Oncoming traffic is embracing more transgendered children than parents. – Lee Mokobe