History Lesson: Great American Boxers – A Legacy of Champions


misc_93_20140503_1535945948May 2, 2015 was a historical night. Dubbed the fight of the century, Floyd Mayweather defeated Manny Paquiao in Las Vegas, Nevada bringing his record to an astounding 48-0. Although he has his short comings, Mayweather’s talent cannot be denied. He lands punches with spot on accuracy, but he hardly ever gets hit. While he is hailed as the most notable boxer in recent history, Mayweather stands at the feet of a long line of boxing greats.

One of the first boxing greats on U.S. soil was Tom Molineaux. Molineux (Moe-len-oh) was born a slave in Virginia in 1784. He was trained by his father, and he fought against other slaves to entertain his and other slave masters. In one such fight, Molineux’s owner bet on him and won $100,000. For his performance, Molineux was awarded $500 and his freedom. He promptly left Virginia for New York City. Upon learning he could make…

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