Up for Discussion: Street Photography: A Few Myths and Misconceptions

These shots are amazing.


Today we have another guest post and this time it’s from Sharon Morris.  She first approached me about the magazine on Facebook with a suggestion for a name, which turned out to be one that we couldn’t use, unfortunately.  She was interested in writing so I suggested she do a guest post and here it is.  It is on Street Photography, and I’m sure you will find it interesting.

Street Photography: A Few Myths and Misconceptions –

I cut my photographic teeth on the streets, falling into it instinctively, only after starting did I begin to follow other street photographers and read the myriad of thoughts about it online. Occasionally, or more than on occasion, I would find myself frustrated with espoused rules, particularly when they conflicted with my own experiences This post is an attempt to address a few of the commonly held furphies I’ve seen perpetuated by photographers…

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