New Song: Breezin by @haichsounds, @KeplerGold for @prvnceUK

*Dusts of the cobwebs*

Hello, to my poor neglected blog. It’s been ages since I posted anything on here. At least this thing is still faring better than my oregano plant. LOL

Anyway, I got a pretty dope surprise in my inbox this afternoon. It’s track called Breezin by HaichSounds and KeplerGold.

The track is part of a wider project called ‘The Province EP’, a five track collection produced by Haich, which features a selection of artists from across the UK [including Kepler Gold, Luui, Nelson & more].  The EP will be accompanied by a piece of bespoke visual art in the form of a model city, created for Province by Sunderland artist Jasmine Anderson.

Honestly, I haven’t kept up with the UK music scene (more like any music scene) in a while on account of the mountain of books that I have been buried under. Hopefully, that will be over in the coming weeks. In the mean time, check out this sick track and while you’re at it, check out the  Province Website and show those guys some love.