How Stars Are Made In The Disney Universe

I grew up a bit of a Disney nerd. Seriously, my obsession with Disney goes far deeper than I care to share, but suffice it to say that when I lived with my aunt in Nigeria, we had quite a few of the Disney classics on both VHS and DVD. In any case,  I started thinking about a lot of the great songs and moments in many of Disney’s films and a mind blowing thought occurred to me.
Remember the scene below where Timon explains where the stars come from in Lion King? (See below)

In the scene, he says that the stars are just fireflies that get trapped in the sky at night. I didn’t think much of it at first, until I remembered the death of Raymond the firefly in the last 2D princess movie that the Disney company ever made, “The Frog Princess.” In case, you don’t have time to watch the whole scene, skip to about 2:45, which is near the end of Ray’s funeral procession.

Hopefully, I’m not the first person who noticed this, but yeah. Timon was absolutely right!!!!!

Aside: I’ve been meaning to post about this for a while, but I forgot because life happens. In retrospect, I think finding out that James Earl Jones and Madge Sinclair played the King and Queen in both “Coming to America” and “The Lion King” had something to do with why I suddenly remembered this.

Okay, now that my nerd moment is over, you can get back to your regularly scheduled lives.


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