Love Song For the Moon

It seemed like everyone saw it coming except for me

The great cataclysm that brought your being into my world

At once, the neighbors cheered violently

As we fully enthralled in the raucous passion of that moment

Dance around each other like gyroscopes in a ring

We knew right then and there

That we were made for each other

Perhaps deep down we guessed we were made by each other

In the very way these cosmic things come together and come undone

So it was and so it has been


Mother Gaia once told me

That only those in the seat

Know where the pins prick the hardest

Our friends never see it

But darling we both know that we are drifting apart


I can’t make you twirl the way you did when we younger

And with each day, your iridescence grows fainter

I only ever see one side of you anymore

And you don’t stir my waves of passion the way you once did


My love

There is no denying that the years have been hard on us

We’ve been bruised and battered by many things

But alas, we are still here

Still standing side by side

And I will stay

As close you’ll keep me

And I will dance

For as long as our song shall play

I wrote the preceding piece back in April of last year. I got the idea from an episode of Radiolab in which Jad Abumrad was talking about the moon drifting away from the earth  over time. Being as this is the lead up to Valentine’s Day, I figured it was a perfect time to post it.

Peace, Love, Many Blessings


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