Review: Albatross By Marc Cogman (@MarcMCogman)

It’s a Sunday afternoon and you’ve got nothing but time. Out of the blue, someone you haven’t seen a few years shows up at your door step. He asks you to go on a ride with him. Where to? You’re not quite sure. For what purpose? You don’t quite know.  Thus to your journey through Albatross begins.

It’s been a few years since I’ve heard from Marc Cogman. Back when I first heard about his music, I said I knew very little about him.  True to form, Cogman is still a bit of mystery man traveling many roads and occasionally stopping by occasionally to leave a gem at your door.

Albatross begins with a resounding manifesto to the life of a struggling musician, “I left Los Angeles, that cloud of dust/ Knowing I won’t live a day unless I beg or busk/ So if I stop singing now, you better check my Pulse.” From there, he takes you through an incredible journey of a man in search of something. Along the way, he finds love, he finds loss, he finds struggle and heartache. Though you’re never quite sure what it was he hoped to find when this journey began, you’re satisfied know that in the end, found home.

This album is not quite as melancholic as his previous project, Anthems, but it’s every bit as introspective. Cogman comes in with his raspy vocals and new folksy vibe that occasionally borders on rockabilly. To put it another way, the album sounds like Dave Matthews if he had been raised by Johnny Cash.

Unfortunately for you all, Albatross doesn’t come out until February 25. But in the meantime, you can catch up on the magic of Cogman.

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