Reflections on the Previous Year

Suffice it to say that I have neglected this blog in more ways than one. This last year has been full of a lot of things that I might be willing to disclose at a later date. In the mean time, some developments:

At some point last year, I mentioned an interest in taking up photography. Did that, I have. If you follow me on facebook, then you may have seen some of the photo sets that I have done. Some sets may never see public viewing, not because I’m ashamed of them, but because they are from events and life experiences that are a lot more private. In the next few weeks (hopefully), I’ll have the time to sit and organize my latest photo set. I’m particularly fond of this set because early in my process of wanting to become a good photographer I developed an interest in animal photography. This set came under the wire last year, but I finally got it.

I also picked up a lot of reading last year – as if the mountain of books I have to read for school wasn’t enough. Over the years, I have gained a reputation for seeming like a well-read guy with erudite knowledge of usually trivial things. In my general experience, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. As such, I decided to pick up reading particularly in literature, where I feel the greatest deficit. Most of my “reading” was done through audiobooks that I got from sites like Librivox and Books Should Be Free. I can’t say that ALL the books that I read were beneficial to my intellectual edification (The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine, for example), but it was an interesting experience. I think I will try to do it again this year. I imagine that 12 books a year a good pace for me.

As far as music and poetry are concerned, I’ve been writing, but I haven’t recorded or performed anything in years. It may end up being that I never do either of those things again, but nevertheless, I will continue to write even if I’m the only one whoever reads it. Yesterday, I started working on a new song tentatively called Lonely Texas Road. Maybe I’ll post the lyrics when it’s done.

So far, this year started the same way that last year ended. I’ve been spending time with old friends that I haven’t seen in years – in some cases, decades. It’s been insane in many ways, and I am glad that I did it. It reminded me a lot about the person I once was, and the person I hope to be. I think I have done alright so far, but I’d be lying if I said that anywhere close. This year, will be a great time to work on

  1. Improving my finances
  2. Maintaining and improving the relationships that I consider to me most important
  3. Learning a new skill for the year – I am thinking Origami
  4. Improving my health habits – especially, exercise more.

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