Grandmother hope and wishes.



Grandmother hope and wishes.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


I lost my Ojibwa Grandmother in 1981. She had a hard life. You would never know. She loved her children and wanted them to know freedom.


                             Grandmother hope and wishes.

Dear Grandmother was a kind woman.
She was took from her reservation as a young child.
They cut her hair and re-name her.
Her eyes would become sad if I asked her about her youth.
She would tell me. Leave the bad times forgotten. Old hate need to be forgotten.

Grandmother would chant for me and my sisters. My baby sister’s would dance in circles.
I never knew the meaning of the  chants. She knew so many.
The songs brought joy to her voice watching my sister’s dance and laugh.

Grandma followed the Native American path.
Drank too much trying to hide disappointment with alcohol.
She met my Step-Grandfather who…

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