Kickstarting the HexBright: Adventures in Flashlight Hacking

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HexBright creator Christian CarlbergChristian Carlberg is a Cornell-educated mechanical engineer. After his undergraduate degree, he spent three years doing classical aerospace work and getting an MS, part time, at night school. At 25 he moved to LA to work in movie FX, specifically “practical effects”—physical, animatronic robot-based puppets now in decline thanks to low-cost CGI. After that, he moved on to show-ride engineering for Disney, where, among other projects, he worked to make the 6-foot diameter giant squid eyeball at Tokyo Disneyland’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea attraction light up. He left Disney to become a regular and successful contestant on the TV show BattleBots.

comingtobayareamakerfaire_2013These days Christian works in commercial robotics at Palo Alto’s Suitable Technologies, developing a sophisticated remote telepresence system called Beam. Since 2011, in his free time, he’s been leading a small team (two initially, now expanded to six) to design, develop, manufacture, and distribute the world’s…

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