redefining lindy hop as my hobby

The Lindy Affair

I’ve moved to a small town. In fact, the estimated population of my current zip code is 101 people. Well, make that 102, now that I’ve gotten a driver’s license and PO Box. Regardless, when I talk to dancers about how small this town is, they all give me this appalled, “I’d never be able to survive that” look.

There’s something about having lived in a big city with ample swing dance opportunities which has instilled a sense of apprehension at the thought of moving to a rural area, for a job, family, or other reasons I can’t really think of which would make anyone move to a small town. We’ve all seen it happen – that one person who moves to a small town, and no one hears or sees from them in the dance community again. Are they sad? Lonely? Broken without the dance we love? Probably not…

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