Primate Culture

Now I realize that from this title you might be expecting a story about a nightmare about drowning or a rant about how my haters are ‘chewing-gumming’ me and not giving me space to live my awesome life but that’s not what is happening here. In fact, the original and extra long title of this article is:

‘The Narcissist’s reason for Entrepreneurship.’

So, sorry for the deception.

Now when I hear people talking about the reasons why they choose to be entrepreneurs, I hear a lot of really nice sounding things like  “To create real value…”, “To leave a lasting impression on the fabric of the universe…” and “To leave a legacy for my children” ,which is kinda the same thing as the second one but you get my drift.  And whenever I hear stuff like that I’m like…

because in my primate head (brain), my reasons for being an…

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