Strangers Again

Life is funny sometimes. We go through phases and we wonder how or why we ever got ourselves into such predicaments. I guess for the most part, life is like that weird moment when you start off a conversation and end up very far off from where you started but you can’t really figure out how you got to the end. Tonight was one of those nights.

I was supposed to be powering through my Neuroscience readings, but somehow ended up a conversation about comedians on Youtube, which culminated in me watching the video above. It tells the sad story about what goes on/wrong in relationships that end up not working out in the end. All of this got me thinking about a lot of my past relationships, and how I would react to seeing my exes many years after the fact. Would we really be strangers again?

As much as I would like to think the answer is “no,” the truth leans a lot more towards the opposite. At present, I don’t think I would call them strangers so much as acquaintances. Life changes radically from second to second, let alone from decade to decade. Eventually, you start to forget what seemed so important back then that made you cherish each other’s company or feel like you had no other option but to be an asshole and instigate a fight. Eventually, you almost forget that you ever actually knew each other, or shared a really significant bond.

However, even if the imprints of relationships past aren’t readily visible in your present life, there isn’t a doubt that they’ve helped to shape the person you’ve become. These days, I tend to believe that if you like the person that you are at present, then your past relationships, intimate and otherwise, must have been good in some way. If nothing else, they helped create the person you grew to love.

Hence, to anyone who has ever had the pleasure, or the misfortune of being in any sort of relationship with me, I say the following:

  1. Thank you for all you did to make me the person that I am today
  2. I’m sorry that wisdom and circumstance did not serve us as well as they could have
  3. I sincerely wish the best for you in everything that love and life have to offer

Lastly, I guess this songs sums up how I feel  right about now

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