A friend of mine commented on this and Mr. Freeman a crazy, senile old man. I wouldn’t call him crazy and senile, if you really think about it, Mr. Freeman is being objective about the facts surrounding the birth and life of Mr. Obama.

The fact is, race is a dicy issue in this country. It’s more complex than anyone of us (myself included) is willing to acknowledge sometimes. We invent these neat little boxes to fit everyone in and it doesn’t actually work. When we look at the history of race in America, and around the world for that matter, we find that it’s largely a social construct that gets decided on by the power system of the aristocrats and oligarchs of those respective societies.

Ironically, yes, I will likely continue to call Obama the first Black President because that’s what the media culture of this country has labelled him as, but I will also remind myself that such a description, like so many other quick stick labels, is terribly inaccurate.

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President Barack Obama is considered by some to be the nation’s first black president — but Morgan Freeman isn’t one such individual.

The actor told NPR’s “Tell Me More” host Michel Martin in an interview posted Thursday that “the first thing” that he thinks of when he thinks of Obama is “all of the people who are setting up this barrier for him,” Morgan said.

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