The Last Call

It all happened so fast

One minute you’re flying high

The next you’re about to crash

You hear a voice over the speaker that says

Fasten your seatbelts ladies and gentlemen

We just hit some turbulence

That’s where the story ends

So you close your eyes then you hope and pray

That you did not just hear what you heard him say

But you know like Mr. West you once heard ’em say

That nothing’s ever promised tomorrow today

That’s why we all turn life out into game

And start to play it on out the harder way

But it’s all the same

‘Cause at the end of the day

You still at 30,000 feet

Strapped tightly to your seat

Falling through the altitudes

With shaking hands and feet

The Last Call

Say goodbye to the world you knew

And heave a sight the world anew

This is my moment of clarity

My moment of truth

My moment of honesty to say goodbye to you

The last call was not for alcohol

It was from dying father to his darling baby girl

It was from loving mother who just left the world

I wrote this originally in 2005 back when plane crashes seemed to be the order of the day. It’s thoroughly heartbreaking to me that it’s still relevant today.

Sleep Well My Darling

Primate Culture

In loving memory of the lives lost in the Dana crash.
In loving memory of the loved ones we have lost.

Of things I can only imagine, that only you would truly know
Of falling, free falling, helplessly aware of the fatal end

Did you cry, or call out, or even pray
Did you sit in stunned silence, hoping that you would wake up to see it was just a dream

Terrible horrible dream

Did your life flash before your eyes
Did your heart slam against your chest
Did you cry for those who would lose you
Did you think about their pain
Did you cry for yourself
Did you accept your sad end
Did you call out to Jesus
Did He hold your hand
Did you feel pain
Darling did you feel pain

Of things I can only imagine that I would never know
You’d one day, maybe, tell…

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