How to stay legal if I already own or wish to create a music blog/website

Lanre 'eLDee' Dabiri

I found this while doing some research for a friend and thought to share it. Most web and blog site owners take a lot for granted when posting content on their platforms and risk being vulnerable to rights owners/managers. If being on the right side of the law is of concern to you, here are some frequently asked questions you ought to look at if you currently own or wish to create a blog, website, or an internet music platform:

How do I know if what I’m doing is legal or illegal?
•    Under copyright and related rights it is not legal amongst other things to copy, distribute, publicly perform, or broadcast a protected work or recording, or put it on the internet, unless you have permission from all of the relevant owners of rights or a specific exception exists in the copyright law of your country. This permission must…

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