Lajipe Faleyimu – Todun Designs Duduview

It’s weird sometimes seeing this girl in fashion blogs. I went to high school with her. I’m super proud of her and everything she has accomplished.


In this interview with Lajipe Faleyimu, Owner of Todun Designs, she explains how busy she is.  Experiencing it myself, I can testify that it is no joke.  Getting time to meet with Miss Faleyimu, was a challenge in itself.  The high demand for Todun Designs is the very reason this interview was necessary.

A few months ago, Dudunorth had a giveaway, of which Todun Designs was two of the items posted as prizes to the winner of the challenge.  It was during that period that I discovered how high the demand for Todun Designs is.

Despite, the difficulty in being able to meet up for an interview.  Miss Faleyimu was kind enough to get the job done, with the assistance of a couple of friends.  Meet Lajipe of Todun Designs

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