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Originally posted on VentureBeat:

A radio DJ in my hometown recently mocked a caller for asking whether the station had a MySpace account. The uncomfortable exchange almost perfectly captured what the one-time website for friends has become: a joke. MySpace is now so uncool that people are embarrassed to be seen there.

Tim Vanderhook, MySpace CEO

But MySpace is no laughing matter for Tim and Chris Vanderhook, brothers who aren’t grim about the social network’s chances at a full-fledged comeback. The pair cofounded the interactive advertising company Specific Media with their other brother, Russell. They’ve been running MySpace, somewhat stealthily, since late June 2011, with Tim as the chief executive and Chris as the chief operating officer.

The duo fully understands MySpace’s extreme perception problem.

In a moment of honesty, I recounted the radio DJ story to the Vanderhooks. They responded with equal candor.

“That’s the old MySpace. Why would you think any…

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